What can be done with Home CCTV Cameras?

Home CCTV Cameras might be used for many different reasons, all depending on your particular requirements. Home CCTV Security Cameras can be installed indoors to help keep track of your children, watch the maid or nanny or catch a perpetrator in your house, while outdoor home CCTV Security cameras might be used for watching the yard, front door, garage or driveway. A good combination of the 2 types of cameras might also be employed.

Types of Home CCTV Camera Systems

There are 2 main types of CCTV Camera Systems, PC-Based and Standalone DVR systems. The PC-Based Systems are the most prevalent, because they install into virtually any Windows Based PC to record your cameras directly onto the PC.  Standalone DVR Systems are also popular because they do not require a PC and can plug directly into your Television to view or record cameras..

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Hidden Spy Nanny Cameras

For basic indoor home cctv camera installs where covert cctv cameras are needed, but you don't want to permanently install cameras, our hidden nanny spy cams are a great choice. These hidden spy nanny cams have a hidden camera built into a normal everyday object like a teddy bear, alarm clock, tissue box, wall clock or more. These cameras also have a built-in DVR that records from the camera onto a removable SD card.

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Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras are great for deterring theft and providing evidence when theft or vandalism might occur.
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Indoor Home CCTV Cameras

Indoor Home CCTV Security Cameras are ideal for situations where you want to monitor the inside of your home.  Many of these systems can even be viewed over the internet.
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Home CCTV Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor Home CCTV Security Cameras are not always needed for every home security system, however they do provide some added benefits over outdoor cameras alone. With an Indoor CCTV Camera, you will be able to monitor what is happening inside of your home, permitting you to keep an eye on your children while you are at work, watch the maid as he or she cleans you home, or even watch the babysitter while they are watching the children. For best affect, we recommend the using these cameras with a remote viewable system like a PC-Based Home DVR System or a Standalone Home CCTV DVR System.

Below we have included links to some of the most popular Home CCTV Indoor Security Camera types for your viewing.

Home CCTV Indoor Dome Security Cameras

This type of Home CCTV Indoor Security Camera is great for installation in virtually any home. The Domes are generally very small (2-4" diameter) and can mount easily on any ceiling. Dome style cameras provide good color video, and some models even provide night vision for viewing even in no-light conditions.

E-806 Home CCTV Indoor Dome Budget Camera

Budget type Indoor Dome CCTV Security Camera

For budget Home CCTV Security Camera installations, this camera is very popular. At just under $50 per camera, it helps you get coverage of many areas of your home without spending thousands of dollars. These cameras provide basic color video and allow you to plug into a TV, VCR or DVR for monitoring or recording purposes.

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ID-6200 Hi-Res Sony CCD IR Night-Vision CCTV Dome Camera

Sony CCD Hi-Res Infrared Night-Vision CCTV Dome Security Camera

For optimum video during the daytime or at night, we highly recommend this type of Home CCTV Security Camera. The Hi-Resolution Sony CCD Image sensor provides great color video quality during the daytime, and will switch to black and white mode with infrared at night in no-light conditions .

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CD-1453 High Resolution Sony CCD Indoor Home CCTV Camera with 480 TVL image sensor

High Resolution Sony 480TVL CCD Indoor CCTV Dome Camera

For the best quality color video available for Indoor Home CCTV Cameras, these Sony CCD 480TVL Indoor Dome Home Security Cameras are an excellent choice. These Cameras come with a wideangle lens installed to give you coverage up to 90 degrees viewable angle. This helps you cover more area with less cameras.

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Home CCTV Covert Cameras

If you need to record video footage of what is occuring inside your home without anyone knowing, then Covert or Hidden style Home CCTV Cameras are probably the best selection. These cameras all have tiny pinhole lenses that allow the cameras to pick up color video through just a small concealed hole. These cameras blend into their surroundings for just about any indoor home cctv camera installation.

E-801-A - Home CCTV Hidden Miniature spy security camera with pinhole lens

Mini-Spy Hidden Budget Home CCTV Security Camera

If you want to mount a camera into an existing picture frame, book, clock, or any other item in your home, then these Mini-Spy Covert budget cameras are the ideal selection. The miniature body of this camera can be concealed virtually anywhere to provide limitless possibilities for your camera installation. The low price of this type of camera makes it a perfect selection for budget camera installations too.

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CD-7335 Home Covert Hidden miniature building sprinkler Hi-Res Sony CCD Home CCTV Security Camera

Sony CCD Hi-Resolution Hidden Sprinkler Home CCTV Security Camera

If your building already has a home sprinkler system, then the CD-7335 Sprinkler-style Indoor Home CCTV Camera would be a great choice. This camera looks exactly like a building sprinkler, but instead of spraying water, it instead has a built-in pinhole hi-res Sony CCD Image sensor with wideangle lens.

Get a Hi-Res Sony CCD Hidden Sprinkler Indoor Home CCTV Security Camera here

CD-7226 Motion Detector Home CCTV Security Camera

Sony CCD Hi-Res Hidden Motion Detector Home CCTV Security Camera

This Sony Hi-Res Hidden Motion Detector style camera provides high resolution color video through a pinhole style wideangle lens. This camera is the most popular camera for Home CCTV Security Camera installations, because of the fact that it looks exactly like an alarm system motion detector.

Get a Hi-Res Sony CCD Hidden Motion Detector Home CCTV Security Camera here

Indoor Covert Hidden Nanny Spy Cams

For hidden home camera installations without having to wire up your home, these nanny cams are a great choice. Covert Nanny/Spy cameras usually have a built-in DVR with SD card. This way, you can place the camera wherever you need it, and then it will record onto an SD card that is built into the camera when motion is detected so that you can play it back on your PC later. Find our full line of nanny spy hidden cams .

ALM-DVR1 Mini Covert hidden nanny spy cam

Mini-Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Nanny Cam

This nanny cam is great for temporary use installations. It has a rechargable battery to power this camera for motion detection recording. Simply charge up the clock, insert the included 4GB microSD card and this alarm clock nanny camera can record when motion is detected.

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ALC-DVR32SL nightvision alarm clock hidden spy camera

Cube Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Camera w/auto-overwrite and night vision

This hidden nanny spy cam with audio is one of our most popular spy cameras due to the fact that it is designed for continuous use applications, with auto-overwrite capabilities. Just set up this ALC-DVR32SL camera and let it record until something happens. Then play it back on your TV or Computer.

Get a Hi-Res Sony CCD Cube Alarm Clock Hidden Camera here

ALM-DVRHD1 High Definition Mini Covert hidden nanny spy camera

Hidden Hi-Def Mini-Alarm Clock Spy CCTV Camera

This camera is great for high def video and audio recording. It records video at 1280x960 resolution and takes snapshots at 1600x1200 resolution. The built-in rechargable Li-Ion battery powers this camera for motion detection recording up to 12 hours or more. Includes a 4GB microSD card and supports up to 32GB.

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