What can be done with Home CCTV Cameras?

Home CCTV Cameras might be used for many different reasons, all depending on your particular requirements. Home CCTV Security Cameras can be installed indoors to help keep track of your children, watch the maid or nanny or catch a perpetrator in your house, while outdoor home CCTV Security cameras might be used for watching the yard, front door, garage or driveway. A good combination of the 2 types of cameras might also be employed.

Types of Home CCTV Camera Systems

There are 2 main types of CCTV Camera Systems, PC-Based and Standalone DVR systems. The PC-Based Systems are the most prevalent, because they install into virtually any Windows Based PC to record your cameras directly onto the PC.  Standalone DVR Systems are also popular because they do not require a PC and can plug directly into your Television to view or record cameras..

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Hidden Spy Nanny Cameras

For basic indoor home cctv camera installs where covert cctv cameras are needed, but you don't want to permanently install cameras, our hidden nanny spy cams are a great choice. These hidden spy nanny cams have a hidden camera built into a normal everyday object like a teddy bear, alarm clock, tissue box, wall clock or more. These cameras also have a built-in DVR that records from the camera onto a removable SD card.

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Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras are great for deterring theft and providing evidence when theft or vandalism might occur.
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Indoor Home CCTV Cameras

Indoor Home CCTV Security Cameras are ideal for situations where you want to monitor the inside of your home.  Many of these systems can even be viewed over the internet.
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Home CCTV Outdoor Security Cameras

The most popular type of cameras for Home CCTV Security camera installations would be outdoor CCTV Cameras. These cameras can be mounted outside in virtually any environment, and can provide clear color video to your TV, VCR or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) so that you can see who is at the front door, monitor your children in the yard, or protect from intruders or vandals.

These cameras come in a variety of styles and night vision capabilities. When it comes to poorly lit areas, we highly recommend the IR (Infrared) style night vision cameras, as this type of camera can even see in No-Light conditions in various ranges. Be sure to select a line-of-sight range that will suit your particular Home CCTV Camera installation, to ensure good night vision during the evening hours.

Home CCTV Oudoor Dome Security Cameras

These cameras are a great selection for well-lit outdoor environments where you have a ceiling to mount the cameras. These armor dome style cameras are sealed against the elements and constructed of hardened materials to provide tamper resistance and assured good picture quality. These cameras have 3.6mm wideangle lenses for up to 90 degree viewable angle to allow you to cover more area with less cameras.

AD-2000 480 TVL Sony CCD High-Res Home CCTV Armor Dome Security Camera

Home CCTV 480TVL Sony CCD Armor Dome Security Camera

This camera has great picture quality with its 480 TVL Sony Hi-Res CCD Image sensor. The higher resolution of the 2 models shown here, this camera provides great clarity over a wide angle view. After mounting this camera to the ceiling, you can adjust the pan and tilt of the image sensor to ensure coverage of your home.

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AD-1000 High Res Sony CCD Armor Dome 420 TVL Home CCTV Security Camera

420 TVL Hi-Res Home CCTV Outdoor Armor Dome Security Camera

Although slightly lower resolution that the AD-2000, the AD-1000 still provides good color high resolution video and is a great choice for lower budget outdoor home cctv camera installations. The armored housing of this camera prevent tampering and is sealed against moisture, rain and snow conditions. A 3.6mm wide angle lens tops off this design, providing a ~90 degree field of view for excellent coverage of your entry-way or yard.

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Infrared IR Home CCTV Outdoor Bullet Cameras

When night-vision is important for your Home CCTV Security Camera installation, these Infrared (IR) Nightvision Home CCTV Outdoor Bullet Cameras are highly recommended. Each of these cameras have varying distances of Infrared Nightvision in No-Light Conditions to provide you with optimum view even when you cannot see yourself. To determine which night-vision range will best suit your installation, determine where you would mount the camera and then measure the distance from the camera to where people would be standing in the yard or driveway. Then select the camera where its IR range would encompass the distance measured.

CD-9255-4 Home CCTV Outdoor Camera Long-Range Infrared Sony CCTV Security Camera

Sony CCD Long-Range IR Home CCTV Outdoor Bullet Camera

This camera is the most popular for long-range Infrared night vision installations for home CCTV Camera systems. With up to 100 foot of illumination with infrared light in no-light conditions, this camera is well suited to illuminate the majority of your home's yard or driveway for excellent night time viewing.

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E-809 Budget CMOS Color Outdoor Home CCTV Security Camera

IR Outdoor Home CCTV Budget Camera

For Budget Outdoor Home CCTV Security Camera installations, this camera is a good selection. It provides basic video quality with night vision up to 10 feet in no-light conditions. For under $50 per camera, this camera can easily fit in to virtually any camera installation.

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ES-804-CCD High Resolution Outdoor Home CCTV Camera with IRNight Vision up to 30 feet away.

Infrared Home CCTV Outdoor Hi-Res Camera

This camera is a great compromise between image quality, infrared range and cost.  At just under $100 each, this camera still provides hi-res 420 TVL video with color during the daytime and switches to black and white mode at night for night vision up to 30 feet away in no-light conditions.

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