What can be done with Home CCTV Cameras?

Home CCTV Cameras might be used for many different reasons, all depending on your particular requirements. Home CCTV Security Cameras can be installed indoors to help keep track of your children, watch the maid or nanny or catch a perpetrator in your house, while outdoor home CCTV Security cameras might be used for watching the yard, front door, garage or driveway. A good combination of the 2 types of cameras might also be employed.

Types of Home CCTV Camera Systems

There are 2 main types of CCTV Camera Systems, PC-Based and Standalone DVR systems. The PC-Based Systems are the most prevalent, because they install into virtually any Windows Based PC to record your cameras directly onto the PC.  Standalone DVR Systems are also popular because they do not require a PC and can plug directly into your Television to view or record cameras..

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Hidden Spy Nanny Cameras

For basic indoor home cctv camera installs where covert cctv cameras are needed, but you don't want to permanently install cameras, our hidden nanny spy cams are a great choice. These hidden spy nanny cams have a hidden camera built into a normal everyday object like a teddy bear, alarm clock, tissue box, wall clock or more. These cameras also have a built-in DVR that records from the camera onto a removable SD card.

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Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras are great for deterring theft and providing evidence when theft or vandalism might occur.
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Indoor Home CCTV Cameras

Indoor Home CCTV Security Cameras are ideal for situations where you want to monitor the inside of your home.  Many of these systems can even be viewed over the internet.
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Home CCTV Camera PC-Based DVR Systems

If you are looking for a good reliable Home CCTV Security Camera installation, PC-Based Systems are definitely a good selection. These systems come with a DVR Card that will install into your Windows XP or Vista based desktop PC and will provide inputs for your cameras.  The cameras will then record onto the hard disk of your PC and provide live camera viewing on your PC monitor, as well as utilize your internet connection for remote viewing of your cameras from anywhere over the internet.

Out of all of the DVR Card and software combinations that we have tested for Home CCTV Security camera systems, we highly recommend the 2 types of cards below. The Security Eyes card and software is great for a budget installation, providing basic resolution and video quality with basic remote viewing capabilities. For Higher-end system installations with more remote viewing needs, we recommend the Alnet PC-Based DVR Cards/software as they provide higher resolution recording and remote viewing with more remote viewing options.

Home Security CCTV PC DVR Cards

Alnet Systems Home Security CCTV DVR Cards

These cards provided the highest resolution recording and remote viewing in the tests that we performed, as well as providing the best flexibility for remote viewing. Unlike the entry level security eyes cards, the Alnet systems cards even provide support for operation with Dynamic IP Address internet connections such as baseline DSL or Cable internet. While they cost a little more than the budget style cards, dynamic IP support alone can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year by preventing you from having to upgrade your internet connection to a static IP address. The Additional features provided by these Alnet Systems Home PC-Based CCTV DVR Cards are: 720x480 resolution recording, advanced camera scheduling, improved email alert scheduling, audio recording add-on capabilities, improved network functionality for better framerate and remote viewing resolution, PDA Phone Support and Windows Mobile Smartphone support as well as many more features. The Alnet DVR Cards and Systems are clearly our choice for Home CCTV Security Camera installations.

Alnet Home CCTV PC-Based DVR CardsAlnet CCTV PC DVR Cards

4-Channel 30 fps Alnet CCTV DVR Card
4-Channel 120 fps Alnet REAL-TIME CCTV DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

16-Channel 240 fps Alnet CCTV DVR Card
16-Channel 480 fps Alnet REAL-TIME CCTV DVR Card
32-Channel 240 fps Alnet CCTV DVR Card

Security Eyes Basic PC-Based CCTV DVR Cards

For your basic Home CCTV Security Camera installations, these Security Eyes Pro DVR Cards provide basic video quality and recording combined with basic remote viewing capabilities. All in all, for the price, these cards are a great selection for anyone attempting to put in a system on a budget. Simply install this DVR Card into your Windows XP or Vista desktop PC and plug in the cameras to begin recording the cameras right onto your PC's hard drive. Basic remote viewing software can be used with any remote PC over the internet as long as you have a static IP address DSL or Cable internet connection to allow you to view your Live CCTV Home Security Cameras from virtually anywhere in the world.

Security Eyes Pro Home CCTV PC DVR Cards

4-Channel Basic 30 fps Security Eyes Pro Home CCTV DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

Home CCTV Security Camera PC-Based DVR Systems

After selecting a Home CCTV Security Camera PC-Based DVR Card above, you can select a pre-assembled system below for a 2, 4 or 8 camera system that will suit the needs of your Home Security Camera installation.

Alnet Home CCTV Security Camera PC-Based DVR Systems

These Alnet Home CCTV Security Camera PC-Based DVR Systems provide everything you need (except for your own desktop PC) to begin recording from the included CCTV Security cameras onto your PC. We have included a great mix of Indoor Home CCTV and Outdoor Home CCTV Camera systems, to try to cover all bases for the most common Home CCTV Security Camera installation needs.

Security Eyes Home CCTV PC-Based Security Camera Systems

Below we have included some of the most popular entry-level basic Security Eyes Home CCTV Surveillance Camera systems for PC-Based DVR Recording. We have included a good mix of Indoor Home CCTV and Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras to try to meet the needs of all basic home CCTV Cameras installations. The included Security Eyes Pro DVR Cards provide basic entry-level video quality and record onto your desktop PC so that you can easily view and record from your cameras onto the PC's hard drive. These systems also include basic remote viewing software so that you can view your cameras from virtually anywhere in the world (as long as your internet connection has a static IP address internet connection).